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Monday, November 14, 2005

November Leaves

Hey folks - look, it's my requisite monthly post! Just kidding. I'm interested in posting more, but lack the time. Seriously!


I've finally finished re-reading all six books of the Harry Potter series. There are some definite advantages to reading them back to back - you get a clearer picture of the story progression and detail continuity, for one. It makes the ending of the sixth book much more decipherable. Not that, for an English major, I'm very good at getting subtlety and layers in literature. One drawback is that now I've started using "mate" and "bogey" regularly. I'm excited for the fourth movie to debut in the states. It will be the second movie I go to in the theater since Jack's birth.

I haven't had much time for reading other things. Actually, I was really pushing my luck trying to read the HP stuff. It sort of eliminates time for things like showers and exercise. Lately, though, Jack has turned into a real little person, so I've been revisiting the Dr. Sears books, The Baby Book and The Discipline Book, to get a handle on some of the new challenges. However, none of these restrictions have stopped me from looking! I found a great book, Montrose, about a nationally famous garden about an hour and a half from my house in Carrboro. In addition to being a wonderfully written history of how the garden came to be what it is today, the book also has the most amazing botanical illustrations also done by a local artist. Sadly, I have made no progress on Will and Living History in about three months.

Baby Jack

Baby Jack Posted by Picasa

Speaking of the bubba man, things are not slowing down at all with this guy. He's mastered cross-crawling and doesn't even bother with the arm-over-arm army scoot anymore. He's pulling himself up on things and then letting go and standing unsupported for at least a count of three pretty much on a regular basis. He rarely biffs it, which means I can tidy up around him or do dishes while he plays without having to constantly spot him. I think I'm going to have to stop calling him Baby Jack, because he's virtually on the verge of officially qualifying as a toddler!

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Hallowe'en was a cold bugger this year. We took Jack out in this cute little fleece Spiderman outfit, and by the end of it (just walking around our miniscule neighborhood!), he was complaining bitterly about the temperature. Poor guy, mom has discovered the umbrella stroller, so he doesn't get held as often as he used to. Not that he wants to - he does what April calls "the luge" when he wants out of your lap.

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The World

I've really been ignoring goings on outside my own little life. I heard Iggy or Piggy or Scooter or whomever actually has the balls to start a fund for his legal defense. The guy assisted in outing a CIA undercover operative, and he has the gall to ask for money. I'd really love it if these folks could own their mistakes instead of pretending the issues don't exist.

The hurricane season if FINALLY over. The record number of storms this year really confirms for me that our continual over-use of carbon-based fuels could use a little more attention. I know car dealers in our area started really pushing their higher-mileage vehicles after gas prices shot up, but sooooo much more could be done! We're still burning coal here on the East Coast, for crap's sake!


As I've said, I'm totally stoked for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I think folks that haven't gotten into the series before now will be surprised with the maturity and adult themes that enter the scene at this point. I personally can't wait to see Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nothing but Notes

We just got back from having dinner with my best friend before she and Gabe go back to the NW for three months. Since her hubby is military and out on deployment quite a lot, she heads out to her mom's to get some help with the little guy. Not that he's so little anymore - he has his own two wheel bike with training wheels. He's 18 months and is as big as our neighbor's three year old. Oi.

Jack has been all over things today. He went up the stairs three times on his own with a spotter and he's pulling himself up on everything in sight - and then letting go. I get no peace, I'm telling you. We have another doc's appointment next week to see how big he is and stuff. I'm betting 23 pounds or more. According to my left wrist, which hurts non-stop these days, he weighs more like 200 pounds. But we'll see. We've definitely developed a select group of favorite foods. If I offer him just about anything with vanilla yogurt, he goes for it. I've had a difficult time finding organic unsweetened yogurt, so I finally caved and got something I know I like. Our stupid store is the only one in the area that doesn't carry exactly what I want.

I'm not excited for April to leave, but at the same time it means that we all get to go home (or home as I see it) for Christmas. Joe is dieing to get a glimpse of the NW, and I get to stay for two whole weeks!! With my mom coming for Thanksgiving, this means that I won't have to spend either major holiday with my in-laws this year!! Yippee! I know, honey, that doesn't make you feel very good. But the truth is the truth, pal. I can't help but wonder what the idea of spending holidays with my family or at our house does for them.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pickin' Up Slack

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I'm messing about over there in the right hand column. Trying to update what I'm reading, what I thinking about, and just in general spiffing up. Not that people really visit a blog to see what the author is about in a general way, but I think I like the feeling that if people cared to get to know me a little better, all they would have to do is glance right and see what I'm paying attention to at the moment. For example, for a while there I was reading only non-fiction (I use that term very lightly and in the sense that the line between fiction and non-fiction is all about the publisher and nothing about the creativity behind the prose). I was getting very friendly with "foodie" books. At home, I was doing a lot of cooking and really anticipating getting my cookbooks back from the NW. Well, now I've done with that little phase. The cookbooks have been dusted off and new recipes are being tested. That creative vein has run elsewhere. But if you were a person to notice patterns, and you had noticed that one, you would have learned something important about me.

For the time being, I'm going to refrain from all the dust jackets and links, and just tell you that I'm rereading the entire Harry Potter series. Some nutty, under-socialized kid down the block (who is all of six) read them over the summer, along with most of the Nancy Drew books, and I thought, hey, I can do that too! It has been very fun to scope out the story from with a little more continuity. Rowling is really a fabulous writer, and though the Harry Potter stories are published by Scholastic and are intended for pre-adult audiences, I get great joy out of taking them in a second time. I'm shocked, actually, to find that they've gotten better after the second reading. But as they are "easy reading" I'm cruising through them at an alarming rate, meaning pictures on websites would be silly.

So that is my current agenda.

Oh yeah, and I'm knitting and crocheting all over the place. I'm thinking I need to get one of those little project bars that tracks my progress over in that right hand column.
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Serenity Now!

Let me just a say a couple words in favor of Joss Whedon's best thang yet...

Saw Serenity. Loved Serenity. Can't wait for more Serenity.

Nuff said.
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Weeds Don't Grow That Fast

This kid....

Jack's the Man! Posted by Picasa

must be taking growth serum.
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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Heya, Fun Friends and Wacko Nite Owls...

I'm back. For the moment, anyway. Not sure how long this may last.

There are frequent thunderstorms around these parts, especially in the late summer and early fall. So when the power flickers or goes out, it really doesn't draw much attention. This afternoon, the power died and didn't come back. You can be that I noticed, as I was in the last five minutes of my all time favorite television show's eighth season finale. Drat! By the time we left for dinner with April, the power still hadn't come back in our neighborhood. Drat, and Phooey! As we pulled out onto the highway to get to our reservation, we were flagged by a state trooper past no less than SIX power company trucks and several emergency vehicles. Our last fleeting commentary was that we hoped the power would be back on by the time we arrived home later this evening.

Joe, being the little researching busy body that he is, found the source of the commotion while I was putting little Jack down for the night. As it turns out, some nitwit, no let me correct myself - awful jackass in a pick-up - barrelled across the highway (through a rather obvious stop sign), causing a car with a couple and their SEVEN CHILDREN to swerve, hit the power pole, and roll several times. Okay, let me correct myself again - the guy in the pick-up was some fuckwit who deserves to lose a limb and his license. I can't imagine the sheer panic in that couples' chest as they found themselves being thrown about inside their previously safe vehicle.

I don't recall being surrounded by such a lot of stupid, arrogant, self-righteous bastards until I moved to the bloody South. Proud of their ways, their racist flag, and their overall lack of true fellow feeling. This butt in a pick-up thought it would be rather NASCAR-ish to just go for it. Or he was drunk. Or on some load of pain killers. Or he'd just found out his girlfriend had slept with his brother/best friend/kid. Whatever the reason, I just pray that the family he nearly killed comes out alright. The FUCK, mang.
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Last Good-bye

Hey folks, I'm only dropping in long enough to give a big ole sionara to everybody. I've discovered that blogging takes me away from things that I'd rather it didn't. This doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy talkin' with y'all. I most certainly did.

Wish you well.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Now I remember why I miss being out West...

People with a sense of humor like mine.
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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Another One


Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Words cannot describe.
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